Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I saw a few things today.

One of those things was this. HT's sweater vest is a bit big on him...
Now maybe if he was a bit taller, broader shouldered and had a bit
more of a beer belly, then it would fit. This proves what the Harlot says
about the knitting fates. Sometimes they like to play tricks on you, even when you swatch properly and everything comes out right.

I also saw Coraline in 3D. It was pretty neat and not gimmicky. Though the glasses they give you to wear did hurt near the end as they were pushing on my real glasses.

I got the first issue of The Knitter today. It's pretty good so far. All the Ladies seemed to like it when I passed it around tonight. I really like the photography in it and the design of the mag. Though they have to get a better web presence. The best thing that describes it that you can find easily is Craftzine and the Mason Dixion ladies (Jan 9th post of '09).

I also stopped by a World Market. It turns out that they are closing all of it's Twin Cities stores. So I got a few pretty things because they were cheep and were things I kept saying "I should get that one of these days".

HT keeps saying that I'm trying to single handily kick start the economy. :P

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Chris said...

Better fatten that guy up so he fits in his sweater vest!!!