Saturday, February 28, 2009

to do.

Paint bonus room(done 1:30pm)
- move yarn storing expedit shelf in there
-- move sewing machine in there on top of yarn storing shelf
--- use sewing machine to make more cloth boxes to go into self (love this gals stuff)
---- make into my comfy crafting place (for now)

pick up the damn house (we've let things get a "bit" messy)

rework (again) my photography website
- make HT help

recruit NorthEast Mpls peoples to take photographs
-(ie steal MomaGrouche's idea)
-- Have Ht help to make a good word-press blog for it.

Make things for Art-A-Whirl
- The studios above Bella Lana will have pretty things in them
-- knitting or photography or both or a combination of both???

Stop making you all suffer through my lists. (unlikely to happen) ;)

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Chris said...

I think other people's lists are interesting, so list away! :)

Weird. The verification word is "unchili" which sounds like is could almost be a word...