Sunday, February 8, 2009

random day

I have been making small things lately.
Like this stitch marker. I do think the jade is quiet pretty.

This is the 3rd square for the afghan. I didn't dig
the pattern in the book, but I liked the "button stitch"
so I'm just making it look a little more like the ottoman's pattern.

I have 2 squares done so far. Though my gage is a little different
on both of them. Ah well, it isn't so different that blocking can't take
it out.

Other than making little things, I have been making little
(in a good way) progress on my getting fit. On Wednesday I
went to the store after work, turns out that they finally had
Wii fits in stock. So, I got one. I must say, it is sad to see my
little Mii all pudgy like that. But I'm slowly working on it. I have
worked out on the fit or the bike every day but today ( got to
have one day of rest).

To day I spent most of the day doing laundry and watching
The Prisoner on AMC's web site. For a show from the 60s it's
quiet good. Turns out they are making a new one (a mini one)
this year. It should be pretty neat. You can read a bit about it

Now if only I could get my dang right wrist to stop clicking and
hurting, then I could get some more knitting done.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Little things are satisfying!

I still haven't found my exercise mojo.