Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 in a row

2 days off, 2 posts, 2 photographs and 2 kitties.

Today is the day of 2s.

I went for a bit of a walk today. It was down right balmy out. Wandering around with my camera is something I have to do more often. It makes me slow down and really look at the world.

I'm going to upload photos everyday for the rest of the month just to get back in the habit of showing people the way I see things. That said, I won't be shooting everyday and some of them will be from this last fall, but you haven't seen them yet. So i figure it's ok to show them to you now.

I've just started making a couple squares for an afghan. One for my house and one for a fellow IBDer on Ravelry. Click the link if you are a ravelrier and feel like helping out. It's nothing very complicated.

HT's love sweater vest is coming along. I just have about 4" to the armpit. So Valentines day due date looks like a possibility. After that it's finish up a shawl, make earrings Sis's gals and curtains for some windows.... all with afghan squares mixed in for good measure.

Now when am I going to find time to knit up some flowers to put in parking lots....

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Chris said...

I love looking at people's walkabout pictures! Do you ever check out the Uptown Mpls Blog? Great photos.