Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presidential Inauguration....

Now in HD! (Rushmore seemed like the best picture for today.)

So we got HD hooked up in the house today. It's pretty.
We still have a little wiring to do around the house, but that part is almost done. The basement however is still a mess.

I haven't done much knitting today. Just cleaning, picking up and finishing reading
Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton.
Got to say it was a really great read. I read it pretty much in one sitting. Well ok, I had to break it into 2 sittings. It was hard not to sleep at 2:30am. But I finished it up this morning and I've got to give props to Ms. Bretton. Fight scenes are hard to write and hard to read some times, but the one in this book flowed very well. While romances aren't my normal fair, I would recommend this for anyone who needs a little escape.

Right, should i knit, cook a little, finish the laundry or just
scrumble come kitty chins.


Eryka Jackson said...

I would vote for knitting!

Chris said...

I loved that book! It surprised me how much I enjoyed it.

I spent a summer working for the Forest Service in the same ranger district as Rushmore....