Saturday, January 10, 2009

a box of fun

I got the yarn for my throw today!

The mail-man that comes to the store knows to make a big deal when he brings me boxes.

I pulled out all the skins and checked the color
against the ottoman.
They work really well with it.
Now to just pick out the squares to use for the patterns and I can get started....

Once I finish
HT's sweater vest, my shawl for the little sister's wedding and then i can get started on the throw.

Ah, so much knitting, so little time.


Chris said...

Those are good colors!

Eryka Jackson said...

congrats on the box of yarn. I miss getting my box of goodies in the mail. But alas, I am on a stash diet! Thanks for leaving me a note on Delurking day. It is much appreciated!