Friday, January 16, 2009

getting run down

I'm starting to feel run down. Work is getting to be a bit too much.

I keep looking at my knitting and thinking "I want to do that."
But then it just sits there.

I'm trying to be positive, and keep the happy energy moving around.
So, on a positive energy note....
I can wear cashmere when ever i'm feeling down. Something soft and gentle next to my skin helps me to feel I'm getting a hug.
Hugs are some times the best things.


Chris said...

Sending you a virtual hug and a bottle of virtual vitamins!

Turtle said...

i have been there before! Just relax, some bug has been going around that just sucks the energy from you for about a week, then leaves! just be good to yourself, cut down on the sugar and up the vitamin c!!

Mama Grouch said...

Tom tells me every day:

"It's getting warmer! We are getting more and more sunlight each day!"

I want to scoff and pretend to kill him, but really it gives me just a little bit of hope on the inside.