Friday, January 2, 2009

caution is...

the better part of valor. Or remodeling.

It's hard to see, but this spot was the size of an egg. I wasn't wearing the proper foot gear. It was dumb. I don't think it's broken.

I've finished the noro Scarf. It turned out pretty. I'm not sure if i'm going to keep it, or give it to someone.

I've got the second half of HT's sweater vest 4in done. There is still alot to go on that though.

I've also started on one of the Three Tams from Knitty winter 2007. I worked it too monocromatic the first time and so I froged. The second time around is going much better with more contrast.

I would be knitting right now, but Siren seem to think that since I have my foot proped up, it's the best time to sit and get in the way of knitting.


Chris said...

Ouch!!! I hate that moment right after you injure yourself when you're thinking "Damn, that was stupid and avoidable." Or at least I think that... Great pic of Siren!

Turtle said...

ouch on the foot! My family watches over me as i am always the one getting hurt! Stick some Arnica cream on it, good for the cut and bruising!