Monday, December 8, 2008

A contest?

Good evening everyone. I have a little mission for you.

It is the holiday season and I've noticed that the Toys For Tots drop boxes have been light to empty this year. So what gives?

So, since I didn't do anything for my blog
arsary, or for my birthday, I'm going to do something now.

So, what I'm going to ask is that you donate to toys for tots and leave a comment here about what you donated. Doing so will enter you to win a fab
yarny prize, along with some fancy pants hand made stitch markers ( i have some tigers-eye beads that are just asking to be stitch markers)

All the National Camera Exchange stores are drop sites and you have the added bonus of seeing me if you pop into the right one ;) (edit: you don't have to drop them off at one of our stores.. it was just one place of many to drop off at) Oh, you have until Sat. the 20
th of Dec to donate and leave a comment.

Right now that the call to arms is out of the way, I have a wicked case of start-
itiss going. I think its because there is no hope of finishing my sis scarf before Christmas. So now i'm all like "I bet a knit tie would be fun" "oo I just got a tree, Ornaments" " HT could use a new hat" and so on and so forth...

Just a bit silly
really. It's like I need 5 of me to do all the things I want/need to do.


trek said...

Even our library and our local pizza shop have drop boxes.

Chris said...

I'll mention this in the next few days and be on the lookout for some toys to pick up. Yay, you for doing this!

Turtle said...

We've seen boxes all over. Just monday my daughter and i picked up 5 art cases fully loaded (they were a remarkable price at one large craft store chain) and dropped them off at our local store box drop. We have donated something every year since i can remember!

Mama Grouch said...

I have a toy but no box...will you be at knitting on Tues?

Crescent Moon Mama said...

I left my items with you on Tuesday!