Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am...

a great kitty napping spot.

Siren has been on my lap since I got home at 7pm tonight. As long as she is facing away from me, I can knit.

If she is looking at the knitting... well she is a bad kitty when that happens.

Work was a little busier today. It was nice not to feel like it was a total waste to be there. Some of the resent days have felt that way.

The Sis Scarf is coming along. ( new picture is using Siren as a back drop :) I have the pattern down now and don't even really need to look. 1hour lunch breaks tend to make sure that i get 2 to 3 repeats done a day. That and Ht has been playing
alot of Halo these nights so there is knitting time when I get home. Though I don't think it will be done in time for Christmas. But I guess we'll see.

I finished the wedding album for my friends last night. I think it turned out well.

It's late, I'm sleepy, but i really just want to say up and knit...

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Chris said...


Chaos and May are the same way. I definitely discourage them from facing me when they're on my lap/legs. Although sometimes Chaos (all 15 lbs) goes into extreme snuggle mode and wants to be in my/against my chest. Can't do anything then.