Monday, December 22, 2008

Next year...

I will go see Coraline. It will be pretty fun to watch. I love stop motion animation. Oh, these are my button eyes.

I will also make candies, bath bombs ( because really I just want to tell people I'm making bombs ) and lip balm for the holidays. I like knitting people gifts, but I'm finding there are very few truly knit worthy people in my life. But who doesn't like candy.

I picked up the holiday issue of Living.
I don't normaly pick that one up, but Halloween and the ones with really good cookie resipes are hard to pass up. In this one they even show you how to make candy canes. I totaly wanted to learn how to make them for a long time. Now I have insturctions and I will get suplies in Jan. Then there will be candy canes ( and maybe loli pops as I could see them being made the same way ) for ever and all ways.

I'm kinda gitty at the thought.

Also, Miss Turtle and Miss CresentMoon will be getting treats for helping out and donating to Toys for Tots. Thanks a bunch you guys.

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Chris said...

Ack! I spaced Toys for Tots. :( Bad Chris. Bad.