Sunday, December 28, 2008

i need to make up

I need to make up an Emergency Knitting kit. ( click image to go to the site that sells these cool bags. ) Now why do I need to make up one of these kits?
I'll tell you. (if you could see a cartoon face right now, a dark cloud would go over it and the eyes would go angry and sunk in a bit )

So, we were out a bit late at HT's work party. ( It was pretty fun) Then we get a call at 4:30am. It's ADT and they are telling me that my store has been broken into. ( I'm hoping it's a false alarm but guessing that it's not.) So we head to the store. There's a cop there. There's also a lot of glass on the side walk. Some SOB busted through my 2 front doors, then into my display case. If what you put out into the world really comes back to you.... well lets just hope in this case that it does.
(cartoon face would get a little softer now, more excepting of the hand fate is dealing)

So, my assistant manager came, took HT back home for me ( HT is a bit hung over from the party but wanted to come and make sure that nothing happened to me), came back with coffee (thank goodness), and we proceeded to clean up as a little man who spoke little English boarded up the door. ( it was pretty cold outside and we couldn't get a hold of our higher ups to see what they wanted us to do, call glass guy, which glass guy.. ect)

Let me just say that if they ever say " Oh well we can have these guys board it up for you so that you can take your time getting things done" Don't do it. It's a racket. They use these screws that are a funny head so people cant just take them off and they will charge you $100+ to come take it back off. Just put some plastic over to keep the heat in, sit down where you can see anyone trying to get in, and find a good glass guy.

Also, if you are getting new doors for say your store and say they are glass. Please please spring for the laminated glass. It will make your life easy.

So, I sent the assistant manager home when the higher ups got there. He deserved a little sleep before going to church. Then my district manager and I stayed till about 3pm. It took along time for the glass guy to get there and then for us to figure out how to get the damn board up.

So, the moral of the story? I didn't have any knitting in my car, i didn't grab my bag with knitting in it and there was about 6 hours of knitting/down time just waiting for things to happen.

So yah, i really need to keep a simple something to knit in the car.


Mama Grouch said...

And you know they would have looked at you funny if you had said that you just needed to run home and get your knitting...

Chris said...

You definitely need some! Also, maybe an emergency copy of War and Peace or something...

Sorry to hear about your store. :(

Turtle said...

really cute bag and always good to have something handy. so sorry about the store though!